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19 Jul 2014 Mary-Kate smoking.

17 July 2014: EXCLUSIVE: Mary-Kate Olsen spotted taking a cigarette break in NYC

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18 Jul 2014 Molly Fishkin's Wedding.

07 June 2014: Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Dress Bride Molly Fishkin for Her Wedding in L.A.

Molly grew up with Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. They are very close friends of mine and have been for the last 15 years, Molly explains. The minute I got engaged, they said they would love to design my wedding dress. I was thrilledtheir taste is impeccable, and I really trust them. Their team was so incredible and patient with me. They were always so calming and made the process incredibly enjoyable. I will never forget what they did for me.

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Source: Vogue.com

18 Jul 2014 Mary-Kate & Ashley arrive at the Gym

15 July 2014: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen arrive at the gym in SoHo in NYC.

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16 Jul 2014 Fan Station

Exciting things happening for OlsensObsessive! Our Fan Station -Olsens Obsessive For Fans - is having a makeover!, Not only will it be your One-Stop-Shop for everything Olsen Art, but you can enter your own art to be featured as 'Hot' for the week, Your graphics will be showcased at the top of the gallery for all to see!
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Start sending in your olsen art/graphics if you want a chance for your work to be showcased during the first week launch of OlsensObsessive.Net/Fans!

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14 Jul 2014 Ashley leaves Whole Foods.

11 July 2014: (Ashley Olsen) One of the famous Olsen Twins and boyfriend go to buy groceries at Whole Foods Market in Manhattan, New York City.

Us Weekly reported the couple spent lots of time together in Los Angeles this past January, as Bennett made edits to his latest film.

The pair were spotted just outside of Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood, an eating establishment known for drawing in a celebrity clientele, on January 24 (View Images).

Olsen was also photographed alongside Miller at Philip Seymour Hoffman's funeral in New York last in February (View Images).

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04 Jul 2014 Ashley leaves a juice bar.

02 July 2014: Ashley Olsen keeps double fisted cool in NYC while leaving a juice bar.

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