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History of OlsensObsessive


Olsens Obsessive started off as a proboards forum back in February 2007. It slowly grew to become one of the leading Mary-Kate & Ashley proboards around, gaining over 900 members by 2008. Around that time I thought of taking Olsens Obsessive to the next level – A website.


After many weeks of planning, designing, buying different domain names & finding a host, Olsens Obsessive was launched as a .net rather than the original idea of .com. Slowly the gallery filled out & the visitors started coming in. However I wasn’t able to complete the huge task of keeping everything up to date alone, I needed a co-web. I enlisted the help of my now best friend, Kim. We both worked so hard on getting everything ready & up to the high standard we wanted.

After some time had passed, I wanted to expand Olsens Obsessive so it could reach a higher fan base. I ordered a new layout, this time including features such as, Audio downloads, Video Downloads & a gallery just for graphics for our visitors to use. Olsens Obsessive was put on be right back for a week until the re-vamp was finished.

Some time had passed & after a long stint away from all internet access, I was back online – full time, and able to update everything. In June 2009, I removed our original forum to make way for a new, much more advanced one. I asked my good friend, Nat to design a beautiful layout for the forum & got it all up & running within 2 days – including threads. I didn’t stop for those two days, I hardly slept, but it was more than worth it when I got amazing feedback from members that day.

Right now, our gallery is still growing with over 10,000 images. We are one of the best known fan sites for the wonderful Mary-Kate & Ashley & our popularity is ever growing as fans explore the full extent of our content & experience what we have to offer.


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